To give patient comfort and safety to dental professionals, CVDVale presents the innovative line of CVDentus® products.


CVDentus® Ultrasonic Tips:

• Minimally invasive treatments.
• Provides better field of vision for clinical or surgical procedures.
• Do not cut soft tissue (gum and tongue).
• No turbine noise from the traditional high-speed motor.
• It avoids anesthesia in 70%.
• Bactericide.
• High durability.
• Better biosecurity.


Ultrasound equipment:


Ultrasound equipment developed singularly for the best performance of CVDentus® tips.


• Portable equipment.
• automatic bivolt.
• digital selection of power and tip according to each dental procedure.
• meets all the specialties.
• it is not necessary to use compressor.
• it allows the use of any liquid in the bottle (Serum, Chloroxidine, ETDA, Hypochlorite and Etc).
• autoclavable irrigation set.


• Clinical Piezo

• Piezo Surgical

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