CVD diamond is synthetic but has the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamond. Some of them are extreme hardness, excellent thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction (equivalent to teflon), biological compatibility, chemical inertness for temperatures below 800ºC. INPE’s DIMARE Group originally developed the synthesis of this material and transferred technology to the company through a partnership. The CVD diamond production technique is the hot-filament chemical vapor deposition (HFCVD). The first products launched by CVDVale were the CVDentus® tips for Ultrasonic Dentistry, a milestone in this area.

Applications of CVD Diamond

• CVD diamond tips for ultrasonic dentistry (CVDentus®).
• CVD diamond drill bits for manufacturing oil well drilling drills (partnership with other companies)
• CVD diamond pins to manufacture cup drills for mining and exploration of artesian wells (partnership with other companies)
• Tips and plates to manufacture machining tools of non-ferrous materials and rectifiers of grinding wheels
• Diamond dies and Injection tubes
• Special tools for cutting and machining



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