The Diamond-Like Carbon

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is a thin carbon film with physicochemical characteristics close to diamond. This film application is comprehensive as deposited on metallic and nonmetallic surfaces of large areas and complex geometries. The characteristics inherent to DLC are: high hardness, low coefficient of friction, resistance to chemical corrosion, biocompatible, bactericidal action and anticoagulant. These properties, in particular the bactericidal action, may improve by nano-particles introduction into. DLC may deposit with several techniques. Highlights to CVD assisted by plasma in vacuum conditions as designed and developed by the CVDVale team. It deposits thin DLC film all through the material, in three dimensions and at low temperature, with highest adhesion and higher hardness.


DLC Applications

• Coating internal walls of abrasive fluid ducts to prevent wear;
• Valves and ducts for the chemical and oil industry;
• Cutting blades such as knives, scissors, etc.
• Injectors for plastics and fluids.
• Wire guides and stamping tools.
• Automotive parts such as pistons, rings, pins, etc.
• Corrosion-prone electrical materials such as fuse holders, knife wrenches, etc.
• Medical and dental products, such as prostheses, scalpels, curettes, implant screws, bone drill bits and other instruments.
• Aerospace, etc.




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